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Need a filling? Book an appointment with us today

Quaintways Cottage Dental Surgery in Hartley Wintney offers a range of filling types to help you feel confident in your smile.

Having trouble with your teeth?

Painful toothaches, sensitivity to hot or cold foods in a certain area of your mouth or a visible cavity are all signs you need a filling. Your dentist may also notice a small cavity appearing before it starts to cause you noticeable issues. In either case, quick action is always the best solution to prevent further decay and protect your smile. Our practice in Hartley Wintney welcomes both Denplan and private patients. If you have any concerns about your teeth, get in touch with our reception team today.

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Our filling types

Tooth fillings work by filling the cavity with material to restore the tooth’s shape and prevent more decay from happening. All filling types can last for many years if you follow a thorough dental care routine. The filling varieties we offer at Quaintways Cottage Dental Surgery include:


A cost-effective and long-lasting material, amalgam is the traditional material used in tooth fillings.


Made from glass and resin, composite fillings are tooth-colours to ensure they blend in naturally.


Gold fillings last a long time and are very stain-resistant, making them a good option.

Keeping your fillings in great condition

Once your new filling has been put in, it’s important to keep up with dental hygiene as best as possible to prevent any further issues. We recommend:

Brushing and using floss or interdental brushes twice a day

Be mindful of your fillings when eating hard objects, it may be best to avoid certain foods

Visit us for regular check-ups

Contact if you notice a filling has become loose or fallen out

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Book your filling today by calling or emailing our reception team.

01252 842553

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