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Visit us for root canal treatments in Hartley Wintney

At Quaintways Cottage Dental Surgery, our dentists are well-experienced in all aspects of root canal treatments. Get in touch to book an appointment today.

Putting a stop to your dental pain

An infection inside your tooth can be incredibly painful, having an impact on your ability to eat and drink. If you are suffering any kind of tooth pain, it’s important to visit one of our dentists as soon as possible so we can assess the situation and discover the cause. If the root or pulp inside of your tooth has become infected, a root canal treatment can treat the issue and allow you to keep your natural tooth. This treatment has a high success rate. Contact our practice in Hartley Wintney to find out more.

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What causes a tooth infection?

The pulp section of your teeth is the soft section containing all the nerves and blood vessels. There are many things which can lead to the pulp of your teeth becoming infected. The most common issues we see include:



Damaged teeth - crack or chips to your teeth can lead to the inner pulp becoming exposed.

Gum disease - this is another common way tooth pulp can become infected.

How is a root canal treatment performed?

A root canal is performed by removing any infected pulp or material from inside your tooth. We’ll clean the area to make sure it’s free from bacteria before inserting a filling material back into the root canal. The tooth is then sealed back up so it can heal and be prevented from further infection. In most cases a crown will be fitted to ensure a tight seal. Most root canal treatments are completed over several appointments.

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Suffering from tooth pain? Contact Quaintways Cottage Dental Surgery in Hartley Wintney for an appointment with our dental experts.

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