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Time to book a scale and polish?

A regular scale and polish keeps your teeth healthier for longer. Contact us now to book an appointment at Quaintways Cottage Dental Surgery in Hartley Wintney.

Keeping your smile healthy

As well as having regular check-ups with our dentists, scale and polish treatments play a key part in maintaining your dental hygiene. By removing layers of tartar and plaque, you can reduce your risk of gum diseases, tooth infections, tooth loss and other problems. After a scale and polish, your mouth will feel so fresh and clean, you won’t be able to help but smile! Get in touch with our practice in Hartley Wintney today to book your appointment.

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How is a scale and polish carried out?

This treatment is carried out in 2 steps. In the first part the hygienist will remove any plaque or tartar build up from the surfaces of your teeth, including all the areas you can’t reach with normal brushing.


After this it’s time for the polish. This removes surface stains and leaves your teeth shiny and smooth. A smooth surface not only feels nice, it can also help stop plaque from building up again.

Why get a scale and polish?

Scale and polish treatments have many benefits including:


Removes stains from your teeth

Removes plaque and tartar that normal toothbrushes and flossing can’t reach

Can help to prevent gum disease and other dental issues

Improves your smile

Fresher breath

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Book a scale and polish at Quaintways Cottage Dental Surgery today using the details below.

01252 842553

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